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Install Fotophire Slideshow Maker. If you want to make a slideshow on your Windows computer, you can use Fotophire Slideshow Maker to get the work done in easy steps. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use this program in detail. Download Installing Wizard from Website. Go to the official product page of Fotophire Slideshow Maker.

  1. Now download DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe version or Standard version for free trial. But once again, you need to purchase both the software and style pack to create 3D slideshow with 3D movie effects. Do note that 3D styles can only be used in Standard mode at the moment. Download DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe to Free Try All 480+ Movie Styles.
  2. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder allows you to create engaging slideshows and share them with the world! Once you've created your slideshow, upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more so family around the world can feel like they live right next door.

When it comes to making presentations with slideshows, it is important to add music. Slideshow with music is more attractive to people who have to view the slideshow. All your photos into an attractive presentation. In that case, a photo slideshow with music will set the right tone and put your viewers in the right mood. However, it's sometimes not possible for you to play the digital slideshow, such as on the exhibition. At this moment, you may want to know how to make a DVD with music and pictures, because DVD disc is supported in almost any business occasions. In this aritcle, we'll introduce several helpful ways for you to make a DVD slideshow with pictures and music.

Part 1. How to make a DVD with Music and Pictures Using DVD Creator

If you are wondering how to make a DVD with pictures and music, then we highly recommend Wondershare DVD Creator. The software is perfect for creating high-quality DVD slideshows using pictures and music. Wondershare DVD Creator makes the entire process easy, which enables you to make DVD slideshows with pictures and music in easy steps. The following guide will show you how to make a DVD with pictures and music using Wondershare DVD Creator.

Wondershare DVD Creator

  • Make DVD slideshow with music and pictures according to your needs.
  • Burn videos to DVD or Blu-ray discs with an easy click.
  • Burn images, music or other data to data discs wih a single click.
  • Edit your video with trimming, cropping, watermarking and other helpful features.
  • Provide 100+ free static and dynamic DVD menu templates from Family Life, Travel to Holiday theme.
  • Supported OS: Latest Windows and Mac OS X.
Security Verified.5,150,814people have downloaded it.

Watch Video Tutorial to Learn How to Burn Photos to DVD Slideshow with Background Music

How to Make a DVD with Pictures and Music Using Wondershare DVD Creator

Step 1 Choose the DVD disc type

When you open Wondershare DVD creator you can choose between Create a Blu-ray(BDMV) Disc slideshow or Create a DVD Video Disc slideshow. Select the DVD option as an example.

Step 2 Import Photos to Burn Slideshow with Background Music

You will get a blank screen when you first start out. To add images click on the + icon under the Source tab. As you add images, the left column will display their thumbnails.

Step 3 Edit Photos to Make Photo Slideshow

Each picture you add has a pencil icon in the corner. Click on the pencil icon to start editing the picture. You can apply effects, set transition, add text and background music to the pictures.

Step 4 Add Background Music to DVD Slideshow

This is the crucial step you need to complete to turn photos into DVD slideshow with music. Click on the music tab and click on the music icon to add background music. Choose songs which most suitable for your slideshow and click OK to confirm.

Step 5 Customize DVD Slideshow Menu Layout

You can customize the DVD menu using a wide range of templates. If you are not happy with these choices, then you can download some more by clicking on the download icon.

Step 6 Customize Slideshow Background Music

Now is the time to add the finishing touches to your DVD slideshows with music. Click the music icons upon the menu preview window and a Customize Background Music window will open. You can not only customize the background music of the menu but change background pictures, add text/thumbnail, create chapters, using the editing options below.

Step 7 Preview the Slideshow with Background Music

Click on the Preview tab to see how the finished product looks. If you are not happy with the result, simply click on the previous tabs to make changes.

Step 8 Burn DVD Photo Slideshow with Music

The final step is to turn photos into DVD slideshow with music. Click on Burn tab and a Burn Settings window will appear. Choose Burn to disc or Save as ISO files as you wish, finish the Disc label and other parameters and click Burn button, Wondershare DVD Creator will create your slideshow DVD.

Part 2. How to Make a DVD Slideshow with Pictures and Music for Free Using Windows Media Player

If you are wondering how to make a DVD slideshow with pictures and music for free using Windows Media Player, then this part will be helpful. Although Windows Media Player does not have many editing functions, it is still useful for adding background music. The reasons why Windows Media Player can be used for making a DVD slideshow with music and pictures are listed below:

Wondershare Slideshow Creator
  • No need to pay for this built-in program.
  • Simple user interface, and easy to handle by beginners.
  • Uses local resources to make an attractive slideshow.
  • Great for people who have no interest in learning specialist software.

The following steps will introduce you how to make a DVD with music and pictures using Windows Media Player in detailed steps.

Step 1 Navigate to the Pictures+Videos option on the main menu. Select Pictures + Videos to go to the next step.

Step 2 In the Pictures Library, go to the slideshow option and select Create Slideshow option.

Step 3 Before creating a photo slideshow with music, you must first name the slideshow.

Step 4 You must now choose the pictures that will make up your DVD slideshows with music. To select pictures from a local computer disk, choose Picture Library. Click on Next.

Step 5 Before selecting the background music, you have the option to review and edit the slideshow.

Step 6 Now you must choose the background music for the picture slideshow with music. Click on Music Library to choose a song from your local drive and click Next.

Step 7 Browse through your local music library to select songs for the slideshow. Select your songs and click Next.

Step 8 You can review the playlist if you are happy with the final results to click on Create.

Step 9 Once the slideshow is complete, it will be stored in the Slideshow. Select the slideshow and click on Play Slide Show to see your final work.

Step 10 If you ever feel the need to make changes, it can be done by going to Tasks > Pictures > Slide Shows. Choose from an array of editing options, like changing the order of pictures, timing, and background color. You even have the option to display information about the background music.

Part 3. Make Photo Slideshow Easily Online with Music

Wondershare VidAir is an online slideshow maker that can easily make photos or video clips to slideshow within minutes. You don't need to download any software and open it from your browser. It provides creative templates for your inspiration, and text effects, stickers, background music, free video and images to make your slideshow video stand out. 400+ free music can be used for your slideshow. You can change the order of each scene easily by dragging and dropping. Try it now as the following steps.

Step 1: Open the template page from your Chrome/Safari/Firefox browser, and choose a template as you like. Click it and hit on the Use This Template button to continue.

Step 2: Change the video/image by searching or uploading, choose the background music from the Audio tab. You can also customize the text effects and stickers.

Step 3: Preview the slideshow you've created now, and click on the Export button to generate the photos to slideshow video and download it.

Final Words

Once you are done with the above processes, you ought to make it clear which method is better for you to make a DVD slideshow with pictures and music. Wondershare DVD Creator makes it easier to make DVD slideshow with pictures and music, and it also helps you to burn videos to DVD, or back up files to DVD discs.

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What do you know about slideshow transitions? Actually, they are an interesting subject in the world of presentation. If you create a slideshow with transitions, it makes the presentation more interesting and engaging. The use of subtle effects does a lot to add style and panache to an otherwise dull presentation. Hence, this acts as a reason to attract viewers even on a dull subject but delightful visual effects. Also, it is important to note that if transitions are used properly, they can bring much variety to a slideshow. However, you have to be careful when creating special transition effects for the slideshow to avoid distracting your audience. So, to learn how to apply these slideshows transitions effect, following guide will assist you a lot.

Part 1. How to Add Photo Transitions Effect for Bluray/DVD Player

The main process starts with using the best transition effect creator. So, here we are going to let you know how you can perform the task of adding transition effects using the software called Wondershare DVD Creator with a detailed guide. It's a professional slideshow creator which can help you create photo slideshow with transition effects and burn to Blu-ray disc so that you can play it on TV or other playable devices. With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can make more customization such as create a disc menu, add effects and watermarks to your slideshow disc, edit subtitle and background music, and others. Let's start adding transition effects to your slideshow and burning it to Blu-ray disc using Wondershare DVD Creator.

Wondershare DVD Creator

  • Burn pictures and videos in any format to DVD/Blu-ray/BDMV/ISO file.
  • Edit photos by applying transition effect, adjust photo/transition duration, etc.
  • Support any image files, include .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and .tif.
  • 100+ free static and dynamic DVD templates from Sports, Movie to Family life theme.
  • Customize DVD menu by changing background image, adding title, editing thumbnail, creating chapters and more.
  • Create photo slideshow to DVD with a fast burning speed and high-quality output.
  • Additional toolbox with functions of Data Disc, ISO to DVD, One-click to Burn Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray Disc to Video, etc.
  • Supported OS: Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13(High Sierra), 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.
Security Verified.5,150,814people have downloaded it.

Watch Video Tutorial to Learn How to Create Photo Slideshow to DVD with Transitions Effects on Windows

Steps to Add Photo Transitions Effects with Wondershare DVD Slideshow Maker on Mac:

Step 1 Install Wondershare DVD Creator on Mac

Wondershare DVD Creator allows you to add transition effects to DVD. You can download the program via the download button above first. Open it after installation, and choose Create a New ProjectBest led clock. on the initial interface.

Step 2 Add and Edit Photos

After opening the program and selecting the disc type, you can now start adding photos. There are two methods: Click on the + icon to open a dialog box to upload pictures or drag and drop the images directly into the screen.

Wondershare Dvd Slideshow

All added files will be displayed as thumbnail at the left panel, click the pencil-like icon on the thumbnail to open the new photo edit window.

Step 3 Add Background Music and Text

On the pop-up window, click the Music button to add background music to your photo slideshow. Click the Save button to confirm your changes on the music length and playback effects. You can also add text for your photo slideshow by moving to the Text tab.

Step 4 Add Transition Effects

Click on the Transition tab to create the slideshow with transitions. Choose from over 10 different transition effects like Iris, Wipe, Light, and others. You can even modify photo and transition duration.

Step 5 Preview and Burn Photo Slideshow

Click on the Preview tab to get an idea of how the slideshow transition effects will work. If you are not happy with what you see, click on the relevant tabs to make adjustments. Once you are done, move to the Burn tab and choose Burn to Disc option. Finish Burn Settings it shows and click Burn button to start burning your photo slideshow.


Part 2. 10 Common Slideshow Transition Effects You Must Know

Wondershare DVD Creator lets users add as many as ten different effects in their slideshow transitions. These effects can be fixed to one style or it can be randomized. The effects are rich in variety and simple in execution. Slideshow transitions are ideal for indicating a change in slides. So, without delaying any more we are going to delve to learn more about various transition effect, let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Bar

Bar starts at top-left and ends at bottom-right, the transition consists of several rectangle-shaped bars moving from one side to another, signaling a change in the slide.


2. Drop

The Drop is an interesting transition effect where the slide breaks into several pieces. The pieces slide down to reveal the next picture in the slide.

3. Erase

Erase is a simple effect where the image will swipe from left to right. It is a great choice for a simple but effective transition.

4. Fade

As the name implies, the image will just fade away and the next one will appear. It is a smooth transition and excellent for an image slideshow.

5. Merge

The merge effect sees the new slide emerge from the left and right side of the screen to converge at the center. One of the best slideshow transition effects because of its simple, seamless transitions.

6. Roll

Roll is a very animated and sophisticated transition. The corner of the slide will ‘roll up’ like someone rolling up a piece of paper and roll out revealing the next slide. It is visually impressive and satisfying.

7. Skew

A unique transition effect you will not find anywhere else, skew starts at the center and starts to ‘tear’ apart until the new slide is revealed.

8. Turn

True to its namesake, this effect sees the slide flip over and around revealing the next slide.

9. Wave

Wave is a transition effect guaranteed to catch the eye. It starts as a slow wave that spreads to all ends of the image. As the wave spreads the next image in the slide appears as the previous one disappears.

10. Wind

Wondershare Slideshow Creator

The wind effect sees the slideshow transfer from one slide to another very quickly. The slide is essentially ‘pushed out’ as if a gust of wind blew it away, in favor of the brand new slide. Transitions are an excellent effect to make the slideshow look active and dynamic.

The top 10 slideshow effects are the most common effects in Wondershare DVD Creator. They are chosen because they are easily accessible to anyone (including those with the free trial). The effects can then be customized to suit your needs. You can have the slideshow transition effect randomized or stick to one effect. However, those who are looking for something a bit more sophisticated can get it in the form of flash transition effects. Flash transition effects are found at the Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory. The Gallery contains several effects which can be combined to create several spectacular effects like flash fade effect, flash splash transition and 3D title transitions. The flash animations are pre-made which makes it very simple to work with. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to create sophisticated animations through the Gallery.

You should always keep it simple with presentations, which means:

  • Avoid using too many photo image transition effects in a single slideshow.
  • Having several random effects with no thematic connection makes you look like a newcomer who was playing around with slideshow techniques.
  • Restrain the number of transition effects to just one or two per slideshow presentation.

Wondershare Slideshow Dvd Creator

When you have a limited number of effects, the audience becomes accustomed to seeing the same animation over and over again. When they become used to the effect they are no longer distracted and focus on the slideshow. Wondershare DVD Creator is an excellent tool to create DVD slideshows using images and videos. If you are interested in trying the product for yourself then consider downloading a free trial of the software. You can find the free demo at the official website. You can also visit the website to learn more about slideshow transition effects.