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VINTAGE & BLEND:2018 • 100% Pinot Noir
APPELLATION:Willamette Valley, Oregon
SHIP DATE:Early May, 2020

Keep in mind that WINE is an ongoing project with both beta 'Development' versions and 'Stable' versions ready for mass public consumption. As such, v3.2.1 is currently a 'Development' version. V3.0.3 is the current Stable version, which is what I'd suggest for new users. A screenshot of Four Winds 2.18 running on macOS Mojave using the latest Wine (4.2 Staging) and XQuartz 2.7.11. The quality of graphics has improved with latest versions and scaled boards work well. Running Four Winds on Linux The procedure is basically the same as on macOS, though installation happens from within the Terminal. XQuartz was always the goto for running X applications on a MacOS desktop. It's been a couple of years since the last version of Quartz and there is no activity on the github, so we may assume that. Macos x11 xquartz asked Sep 21 '19 at 15:51. The problem is when Wine attempts to call an X11 window to be rendered I basically crashes and throws out a window that tells me X11 is no longer available. I've already attempted to install both the xQuartz Stable and Unstable redists to no avail at solving this problem.


A handful of weeks ago Nocking Point co-founder Andrew Harding got a call from his friend Ashton. Mila had an idea to create a QUARANTINE-themed wine that could be used to raise proceeds for multiple COVID-19 response efforts that she, Ashton, and several friends were putting their efforts into. The NP team obviously loved the idea and instantly sprang into action on sourcing the best available blends possible and dug right into bringing the Kutcher’s label design and creative vision to life. One virtual blind wine tasting session over Facetime with Jen, Drew, Mila, and Ashton (Stephen and Cass were quarantined in Palm Springs and couldn’t get to the wine!) plus a handful of design concepts later, and their “QUARANTINE” wine idea was set to become a reality. User interaction diagram examples. They unanimously landed on a beautiful Oregon Pinot Noir with an interactive label that they’re all super proud to share with everyone. 100% of the profits from this wine go to the charities listed below who are all doing critical and incredible work during these unprecedented times. We hope that you enjoy this wine as much as we do and we can’t thank you enough for your support!


Wine Xquartz

In addition to the profits from your purchase going to the great causes listed below, you can take action by spreading the word and getting even more people involved. The front label of this wine is meant to be written on by YOU. Crack open a bottle of this wine, enjoy a virtual happy hour with a friend or loved one, and write (or draw!) who you’re toasting to from the comfort of your own home. Snap a pic and post it using #QUARANTINEWINE, #PPE, and #SOCIALDISTANCING to spread the word about this awesome wine and fundraising cause!


1) GiveDirectly – giving cash grants directly to families on SNAP in areas highest hit by COVID-19

2) Direct Relief– providing medical equipment / PPE to frontline workers and EMS workers

3)Frontline Responders Fund— Buying and delivering PPE and ventilators to medical facilities

Wine Without Xquartz

4) America’s Food Fund– Collaboration between Feeding America and World Central Kitchen, ensuring reliable and safe access to food in the US

Wine Xquartz


Wine Xquartz 2.7.7

A very special thanks goes out to Sarah Cabot and the Battle Creek Vineyards team for their quick work on helping us pull this incredible Pinot Noir together on late notice. You guys always come through for us! Another huge thank you goes out to Stephan at Trysk Print Solutions in Seattle for putting us at the top of his schedule and making this happen under such a quick turnaround too!

Wine Mac Xquartz

Finally, thank you to the Kutchers for coming up with this fantastic idea that we are incredibly proud to be part of. You guys never miss an opportunity to make a giant impact by helping causes in need that continue to make the world a better place.