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Velum may refer to:

Vellum is intuitive book formatting software from 180g, a software company founded by former Pixar employees. Vellum’s mission is “to create beautiful books.” Using Vellum, authors can easily create elegant print books and eBooks that can be quickly exported to the required format. Vellum is a component added by Mana and Artifice. It is used as a component to create spells at the Inscription Table. To obtain Vellum, right-click on Water while holding Leather. V d e Mana and Artifice. Vellum can be defined two ways: TRADITIONAL (Skin) - Genuine vellum is a smooth and durable surface traditionally made from the hairless skin of very young calves or a calf foetus. CONTEMPORARY (Paper) - Vellum is a term used by paper manufacturers to describe the surface of a PAPER (i.e. Midi drum tracks for songs. Modern 'paper vellum' is synthesized from.

Human anatomy[edit]

  • Superior medullary velum, anterior medullary velum or valve of Vieussens, white matter, in the brain, which stretches between the superior cerebellar peduncles
    • Frenulum of superior medullary velum, a slightly raised white band passing to the superior medullary velum
  • Inferior medullary velum or posterior medullary velum, a thin layer of white substance, prolonged from the white center of the cerebellum
  • Velum interpositum or choroid plexus, a structure in the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is produced
    • Cavum veli interpositi, a condition in which the cistern of the velum interpositum becomes dilated
  • Palatal velum or soft palate, the soft tissue constituting the back of the roof of the mouth
    • Levator velum palatini muscle or levator veli palatini, the elevator muscle of the soft palate


Vellum Is Made From

  • Velum (botany), a morphological feature of quillworts or Isoëtes
  • Cumulonimbus velum, a cloud type
  • Solemya velum, or Atlantic awning clam
  • Agrotis velum or lycophotia molothina, a moth
  • Velum or veil (mycology), one of several structures in fungi
  • Velum, the locomotory and feeding organ, found in the larval veliger stage of bivalves


  • Velarium, also known as velum, a textile overhang used in Roman times

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  • Vellum, animal skin that is similar to parchment and that is used as medium for writing, book printing, and book binding

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