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  • The Veet Sensitive Touch Brow Trimmer: Now, this brow trimming head is the focus part of Veet Sensitive Touch. Which I, personally, was excited to try out. The long part of the blade is to trim the upper area of the brow.
  • Say hello to Veet Sensitive Touch Expert - a trimmer that will change the way you remove hair forever. #TouchSetGo your daily routine now. Buy Now - http://a.
  • Product description Veet Sensitive Touch Precision Beauty Styler Bikini Hair Remover Eyebrow Shaper Shaver Trimmer Epilator Free Registering Air Mail Gentle Shaving & Precise Shaping for your delicate body parts With new Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler you can now easily achieve the precise look you always wished for.

Veet Sensitive Trimmer

Sr521sw. Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Tutorial for Eyebrows, Upper Lips

Get perfectly shaped eyebrows, gently cleaned bikini lines, and a hairless upper lip and chin without going to a salon with the Veet Sensitive Touch Cordless Trimmer for Women. This grooming product comes with multiple attachments, and you can safely use it on the sensitive areas of your body. So, when I heard that Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer can get rid of hair from the underarms, bikini, upperlips and eyebrows, I just had to try it. I must say that this trimmer delivers what it promises.

Veet hair trimmer

I know I know you have been waiting for this one. A lot of you had many inhibitions about using a trimmer on your.EYEBROWS! Don’t fret, I’m going to explain it all. In my last post we talked about the Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer in detail about the contents you get in the box, different ways you can use it, why you should keep one handy in your bag, etc. Today we are going to talk about how exactly one should use it.since it’s a machine.and eyebrows.you know what I mean, right?

How to Use Veet Sensitive Touch on Your Eyebrows:

Let’s start with what you want to know first, how to do your eyebrows with the veet trimmer:

1. Its fairly simple. Use the smaller 6mm attachment for this one. Just put in the batteries, twist the bottom and zoooom! But wait, don’t put it on your eyebrows just yet. Put on the smaller comb attachment on top of the head and now just comb your eyebrows with it. Work slowly and don’t apply a lot of pressure on the trimmer. This would trim the length of your hair and give you a nice combed base to work with.

2. Now remove the comb attachment, stretch your skin and use the trimmer around your eyebrows against the hair growth. Use small strokes and keep doing it until you are satisfied with the results. And no this doesn’t hurt at all. You are not taking out any hair from the roots, you are just trimming the overgrowth which is painless. It looks a little intimidating at first but just give it a go and you will pro in no time.

Veet Hair Trimmer

How to Use Veet Sensitive Touch on Your Face and Body:

Veet Sensitive Touch

So now that you are proud of yourself to have done your eyebrows all by yourself without any help from the parlour lady, its time to move to other annoying hair on your face. That’s right, we are talking about the upper lip hair.

You use the same smaller attachment you used for your eyebrows here also. Just keep your skin stretched and clean off the area with smaller strokes.

Now comes the peach fuzz! Use the same attachment here too, but this time use the 16mm blade. Keep your skin taunt and going against the direction of hair growth, trim away all the excess facial hair around your cheeks and jaw line. Don’t be afraid if you have to make funny faces to do so, I’m not afraid to show you mine here!

If you want to trim off your underarms and bikini line, just use the bigger 20mm head in the box and put it on the trimmer like so.

You use it on your underarm hair the same way we did it for facial hair. And for bikini line, put on the comb attachment first and comb your bikini hair to trim off the length. After trimming the length, just remove the comb and use the trimmer exactly like we did before.

Tadaa you are hair free without any pain! Aren’t you proud of yourself? To store or carry it, use the pouch that comes in the box. And keep it clean with the brush provided. You canalso wash the attachments in water after removing them from the device.

Its available on amazon here at a discount. If you have any questions about it then just ask away!

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Body Area

  • Face
  • Bikini Line
  • Underarms

Product Description

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

With Veet Sensitive Touch, you can now easily achieve the precise look you always wished for. It quickly and gently cuts & shapes the hair on sensitive and delicate body areas such as face, bikini line and underarms.
Net Contents:
1 pc 2 sided Trimming Head (16mm & 6mm)
1 pc comb (2mm & 4mm)
1 pc styler cap
Other Body Areas:
1 pc bikini trimming head
1 pc comb attachment
Other Accessories:
1 pc cleaning brush
1 pc beauty pouch
1 pc AA battery

Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Electric Trimmer

Usage Information

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

1. Attach desired trimmer head by inserting on top of body of device and twisting clockwise until it clicks
2. If required, attach comb by placing over trimmer head until it clicks into place
3. To turn on, rotate the base of the device from the '0' position to the '1' position
4. Touch skin lightly with the trimmer and move it against the direction of hair growth
Retain outer pack for all precautions.
Read and follow all precautions and directions before use.
Don't put the product close to heating devices, fire or under direct sunlight.
If your skin is sensitive, allergic to cosmetics, or easily irritated when shaving, please try on arms or legs before using the product.
Do not use with shaving gel or foam. Use on dry skin only.
Though the shaver is water rinseable, do not soak in water.
Do not dismantle.
Keep out of reach of children.