Serato Dj Pro Ddj 400

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The MIDI feature in Serato DJ Pro is a great way to add flexibility to your performances by mapping frequently used Serato DJ Pro controls to your primary Serato DJ hardware, secondary MIDI controller, or Serato official accessory. Create, save, and customise your. Serato DJ Pro download page; Serato DJ Lite download page; Apple M1 computers with macOS 11 Big Sur are also supported, but please read our macOS computers with Apple M1 processors are now supported with Serato DJ Pro 2.5.0 & Serato DJ Lite 1.5.0 article for more information. Before updating to macOS 11 Big Sur please take note of whether your. Deejay's Technics.



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Pioneer DJM-2000 Professional DJ Mixer ….400

Pioneer DJM-1000 96kHz 24BIT Pro Mixer…500

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional CD / MP3 Turntable with Software.400

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 Controller for Serato DJ Pro ….400

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 Serato DJ Pro Controller Mixer….500

Pioneer DJ T-Step …600


Allen & Heath QU-32 Digital Mixing Console with flight case …500

Edirol VR5 AV Mixer/Recorder for Live Streaming….700

Allen & Heath GL2800-840, Spare / Redundant Rack Mount Power Supply…800

2 x JBL PRX815XLFW Powered Subwoofer 15inch Active Sub w/ Wifi – PRX815-XLFW


RCF HDL20 A Amplified 1400W Line Array Module Amplified Speaker…600

Line Array 8 X Dual 8″ Passive Line Array Including Flight Cases + Zenith 10K4


Yamaha IM8-40K 40 Input Mixing Console …700

Allen & Heath GL2800M-832 32-Input 8-Bus Live Sound Console …800

Behringer Europower Pmp6000 1600-watt 20-channel Powered Mixer…300

Ddj Rb Serato

Allen & Heath US ZED-R16 16 Channel Firewire Recording Mixer…400

Pioneer DJM-2000 4-Channel DJ Mixer and USB Interface …500

Rane SL 4 USB 2.0 Interface for Serato Scratch Live …300

Avid C24 Digidesign Pro Tools mixer DAW controller MINT-control surface…600

Digidesign Command 8 – Control Surface specifically for Pro Tools.300

Pioneer SVM-1000 4-Channel Audio and Video Mixer….700

Rane Sixty-Eight DJ Mixer for Serato Scratch Live …400

MOTU 896 MK3 + Avid Digidesign Digi 003 Rack + Audio Interface 16 Preamp


Allen & Health Zed428-28-input 4-Buss Recording Mixer with USB .400

Pioneer DJM-T1 DJ Mixer w/Traktor Scratch Duo Software…400

Soundcraft / Spirit LX7 II – 24 Channel Recording Mixer…400

Serato Dj Pro Ddj 400

TASCAM-TEAC America DM-3200 32-Channel Digital Mixing Console…500

Behringer X32 32-Channel 16-bus Total Recall Digital Mixing…500

Behringer PMP4000 / B215XL Powered Mixer Mains & mics Package.400

Behringer X32 40-Input 25-Bus Digital Console Mixer …500

R destinysherpa. Roland V-8 (8-Ch Video Mixer)…400

Edirol / Roland V-440 Hd Multi-format Video Mixer …800

Edirol / Roland V-4 Four Channel Video Mixer…400

Serato Dj Pro Ddj 400 Software

Edirol LVS-800 Professional 8-Channel Video Mixer with Dsk…700

Pioneer Ddj 400 Controller

Edirol VR5 AV Mixer/Recorder for Live Streaming….800

Allen & Heath GL2800-840, Spare / Redundant Rack Mount Power Supply…700

Serato Dj Pro Ddj 4000

Yamaha IM8-40K 40 Input Mixing Console …700

Allen & Heath GL2800M 832 8 Bus 32 Channel Mixer


Serato Dj Pro Ddj 4000