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I have just installed Easyworship 6.5.5
I did this because I had some problem with some video/audio.
I was hoping that the new pre-release version would solve my problem, but it did not.

Available for Mac, PC & OBS DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD Manual PRODUCT DETAILS The PTZOptics camera control application is a free software-based camera control for PTZOptics cameras. The software can control pan, tilt, zoom cameras connected via IP and USB to provide maximum flexbility for video productions. The application is continuosly being updated to include advanced Continue reading. ProPresenter Capture. Often you want to display a sermon title, Bible verse, or overlay lyrics on your live stream. Traditional systems make that hard, but vMix has a solution. With the advent of ProPresenter 7, there are now a few ways to do this. We will cover the old ways first. Jul 05, 2015 So our church rig is a 5 year-old iMac running Mavericks and utilizes ProPresenter v5. We output to a TripleHead2Go to drive our main displays and we were utilizing a Sabrent display adapter to run a confidence/stage display (though that recently failed). We now take the third output from the. Feb 14, 2019 If your church uses ProPresenter, you might wonder which computer system is best. Whether a church plant just getting started, or an established church looking to upgrade your computer systems, this article aims at helping your church be a good steward of its resources by choosing the best computer system to run ProPresenter. Djay pro and spotify.

For version 6.4.8 everything was working.
The only problem I had was that when I played a MP4 movie, the video was running behind the sound.
It also looked like the video was not really smooth.
I had install Quicktime with all the advice settings and also installed K-Lite with the adviced settings.
Propresenter 7 slow releaseBut no luck.
I had converted the MP4 movie to MOV because I thought that this maybe would fix it.
Again, no luck.
If I play the movie in VLC or Windows Media player, everything is ok.
Only in Easyworship I have this problem.
After this, I had installed the pre-release version 6.5.5 and was hoping that this would fix the problem.
And again, no luck.
Anyone any idea what I can do ?
I need a solution very quick because of a up coming anniversary and they want to show the video(s)
So to be short, Easyworship is up-to-date.Propresenter 7 tutorials
The computer is up-to-date (Winodws 10)
The video is playing in VLC and Windows media player.
Video and sound are in sync.

Propresenter 7 Slow Start

In Easyworship video is running behind the sound.
Many thanks for your tips and help
Kind regards,

Propresenter 7 For Windows


What's in this session?

Propresenter 7 Help

  • Step #1: Use a dedicated computer (15:45)
  • Step #2: Only install Pro Presenter on the computer (17:08)
  • Step #3: Use a solid state hard drive (22:00)
  • Step #4: Use a separate hard drive for media/content (26:16)
  • Step #5: Replace your existing desktop background with plain black wallpaper (32:00)
  • Step #6: Turn OFF these 10 different settings (33:49)
  • Step #7: Always keep system volume at 100% (35:24)
  • Step #8: Close all applications when you’re done (37:08)
  • Step #9: Be a religious restarter (use scheduling to automate it) (43:18)
  • Step #10: Conduct a clean install every 12-18 months (45:17)

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3 Instant Takeaways

  1. It can feel like Pro Presenter hates your computer but you can change that. Joel recommends having one dedicated computer just for Pro Presenter — especially if you use it for more than just your main service. Think of your computer as any other high-end machine: it isn’t meant to do everything and it needs maintenance and upkeep.
  2. Get rid of your desktop wallpaper. Do you have your wedding photo or pet cat on your desktop? What if your personal stuff shows up on a huge projection screen? Joel suggests using a plain black background for your church computer desktop.
  3. Church workers — and we’re looking at you youth pastors — turn Pro Presenter off when you aren’t using it. If you leave the software running it will draw resources from your computer, it may cause a memory leak, and it will eventually lock up.

Propresenter 7 Slow To Open

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