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The best professional petrol strimmer is synonymous with the best horticulturist’s armory. And there’s a good reason behind this saying.

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These handy, lightweight STIHL petrol grass trimmers add the finishing touches to your garden. As the ideal complement to our STIHL lawn mowers, they can be used wherever the work of the mower needs finishing, such as on lawn edges or around your flowers. Petrol grass trimmers give you the flexibility to trim areas which are not close to a power supply. They offer a long running time and are powerful enough to cut through long grass and weeds with little effort. Some of our range comes with soft-start technology, making it even easier to get the job done. The Procut Plus 26cc Petrol Strimmer has an air cooled 2 stroke full crank 26cc engine. Recommended to use with 2mm strimmer line. It has a cutting width of 38cm. A man using a gasoline-powered string trimmer A string trimmer, also called a weed eater, weed whacker, weedwacker, weed whip, line trimmer, brush cutter, whipper snipper (in Australia, Canada, and South Africa) or strimmer (in the UK and Ireland), is a garden. Trueshopping Grass Trimmer- Best Petrol Strimmer.

There are certain times that the overgrown bushes and densely tangled weeds are just too much for a lawnmower to stomach.

There are also edges and areas that are too delicate for the big brute to reach and tackle. That’s when garden strimmers come into play.

While there is a diversity of strimming/cutting mechanisms, a petrol strimmer is normally favored thanks to its maneuverability. And here are five mutts nuts machines for your consideration. You can also read the buying guide of Sean The Blogonaut for more details.

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  • Best Professional Petrol Strimmer
  • Tips To Find The Best Professional Petrol Strimmer

Best Professional Petrol Strimmer

#1. BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional – Best Value For Money

BU-KO 52cc Long Reach is the true Dogs Danglies in the strimmer/cutter industry. More than just a strimmer, this 5-in-1 machine is a great kit for the money.

Right from the box, you have a strimmer, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, chainsaw, and pruner – basically a whole garden kit already.

It does not only come with many attachments but also designs them to be changed fuss-free.

The standard tool is a dual nylon strimmer. But you can change the nylon blade with a metal 3T or 40T cutting blade. The heavy-duty feature is no joke here.

The hedge trimmer is doubled-edged and made of hardened steel. And the chainsaw facilitates your long reach while gardening.

The chain can be easily adjusted with a single crew and lock nut while still ensuring security when being on hand.

BU-KO 52cc Long Reach also offers a huge power to gardening jobs. There is hardly any idle issue with the engine. 52cc and 3HP, this titan is the strongest among the five.


Accommodating a Herculean engine means the weight will be compromised. This machine will speed up your work, but carrying it around for a long time would be quite a workout.

Also, handling the hedge trimmer can be awkward at first. Practicing with other attachments before switching to the long-reach trimmer will free you from this minor inconvenience.

  • Powerful engine in a robust design
  • High versatility with 5-in-1 feature
  • Easy to attach the extras
  • Durable materials
  • Heavy-duty tasks won’t be a challenge
  • Not lightweight
  • Needs a little practice with the hedge trimmer

#2. ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Strimmer – Best Reputation

ParkerBrand is a pioneer in strimmer manufacturing. Its long history with a broad customer case has built a positive reputation for the brand.

Quite comparable with the BU-KO 52cc Long Reach, it is another titan in the game – 2.5 kW at the max speed of 7, 500 RPM – a smooth lawn is totally achievable.

The ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol is cut out for homeowners with a regular need for maintaining their garden. The shaft on this strimmer can be split into two parts, consuming less space in your garage/storage.

Designed with a newbie-friendly concept in mind, it provides a manual that is straightforward. Assembly will be a breeze with ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol.

The dual-line feed spool gives you full control of your line usage, and it has a fuel-mixing bottle and a tool kit for easier maintenance.

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Over time the engine can get a little bit hard to start. But a few pulls will easily get it back on track again. Also, the split pin securing the nut is made of cheese string, you may need to replace it with a more durable one.

  • Reputable brand with a positive image
  • Good for all arounder
  • Ease of assembly
  • Easy maintenance with the inclusive tool kit
  • Best for beginners with infrequent heavy-duty job
  • Need for more effort to start the engine
  • Not durable split pin

#3. McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer – Best Lightweight Option

Don’t fancy a big-guy-looking machine?McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer is just right up your alley. The model weights at only 3.9 kg, making it an ideal companion for small-medium projects.

Another selling point of the McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer is the “Tap n Go” feature. While operating, you can release the cord by tapping the trimmer’s head on the ground. This feature allows for quick and easy cord feeding, giving you more comfort when working with it.

A small engine does not mean an easy surrender. With the 40-cm cutting width, this strimmer offers a competitive cutting performance.

It also has a manual pump running fuel to the carburetor, which imposes less resistance when you pull the cord.

Such a pity that the McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer does not come with a brush cutter blade. And as the join on the machine tends to get loose quickly, make sure to check it with good care before operating.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Precise and easy cord feeding
  • Wide strimming coverage
  • Easy-to-pull cord

#4. Hyundai HYMT5200X 5 in 1 52cc Petrol Multi Functional – An Unsung Hero

Hyundai HYMT5200X seemingly has everything that it takes to be the best professional petrol strimmer. Still, the brand hasn’t got as much recognition as it deserves.

A powerful 52cc 2-stroke engine, humble weight of 9.68 kg, wide cutting coverage of 43 cm, multi-functional feature, and even 3-year guarantee, It’s such a blunder to look down on this big guy.

This Hyundai equips its trimmer with 2-string nylon cutting head, which is changeable for the 3T and 8T cutter blades. Thick wood won’t be an obstacle with this powerful strimmer.

With the “bike handles,” it increases comfort during prolonged operation. We all know how terrible it is to run one tank of fuel and then cannot feel our hands. Well, that won’t happen with this Hyundai machine.

Hyundai HYMT5200X has a single point adjuster so you can fold it flat and place it neatly in the back of your car or in your storage. This machine also has spares; maintaining jobs will then be minimal.

The noise could be a problem with this strimmer when it is running at full speed. And as it is more like a market-entry product, it is still in the lack of customer base to interact with.

  • Comprehensive guarantee policy
  • Broad cutting coverage
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Ease of storage
  • Noise when operating at full speed
  • Lack of reputation it deserves

#5. Trueshopping® 43cc Petrol Grass Garden Trimmer – Runner Up Best Overall

Quite comparable to the powerful BU-KO, just that it has a little bit smaller engine and cutting width. It is thus more suitable for refining jobs in small areas.

The handlebar is designed to be supremely safe in all weather conditions. Smaller cutting width (25cm) also comes out with higher precision in cutting and strimming.

Trueshopping® 43cc is one of the most cost-effective options on the market. If you want to eye up for a real deal with all the basics at an attractive price, this is it.

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One downside of this machine is that its warranty policy is quite limited. It’s normally hard to contact for a replacement or support.

  • Excellent for garden/lawn refining
  • High accuracy in trimming
  • Safe operation
  • Affordable pricing
  • Not suitable for large areas
  • Less supportive customer care

Tips To Find The Best Professional Petrol Strimmer

There are a few things you need to ask yourself when choosing a quality petrol strimmer.

Does It Give You Enough Comfort?

The comfort comes from weight, compact design, and ergonomic handling.

Is It Powerful Enough For Your Job?

Look at the engine – how many cubic centimeters, horsepowers, or kilowatts can it offer?

Does It Offer Enough Coverage For The Need-strimming Area?

A quality strimmer should have a cutting width from 25cm or higher.

Can It Stand The Test Of Time?

What are its body and attachments made of? Steel and highly durable nylon should be the choices.

Does It Come With Any Extra Attachment?

Is it helpful enough for you when multitasking in your gardening job? Brush cutters, chain saws, and hedge trimmers are widely favorable.

Is It Easy To Maintain?

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Does it come with any maintenance tool kit or mixing bottle? And does the design allow enough room for easy cleanup?


At the end of the day, we all want a long-term relationship with a high-performance petrol strimmer without draining our budget.

We don’t want something that will go down the hill big time in reliability, and we don’t want to run a machine that is just like a pain in the neck (and arm).

Considering all these concerns, we believe the BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multifunctional is the best professional petrol strimmer.

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Hammer it every day and it will do the job just as good as day 1. High power, durability, ease of use, and versatility in heavy tasks, it has them all. And the best thing is, it won’t cost you a fortune.