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Microsoft. Noun, plural panoplies. A wide-ranging and impressive array or display: the dazzling panoply of the maharaja's procession; the panoply of European history. A complete suit of armor. N panoply A complete set or suit of arms, offensive and defensive; the complete defensive armor of any period, especially that from the fifteenth century onward, when all the pieces were of wrought steel and accurately adapted to their purpose: often used figuratively.; n panoply A group or assemblage of pieces of defensive armor, with or without weapons, arranged as a sort of trophy.

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Panoply Define

1. An impressive or striking array or arrangement: a panoply of colorful flags.
2. Ceremonial attire with all accessories: a portrait of the general in full panoply.
3. Something that covers and protects: a porcupine's panoply of quills.
[Greek panopliā : pan-, pan- + hopla, arms, armor, pl. of hoplon, weapon.]
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(ˈpænəplɪ) n, pl-plies
2. (Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) the entire equipment of a warrior
[C17: via French from Greek panoplia complete armour, from pan- + hopla armour, pl of hoplon tool]
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(ˈpæn ə pli)
n., pl. -plies.
1. a wide-ranging and impressive array or display.
[1570–80; < Greek panoplía full complement of arms and armor =pan-pan- + (h)ópl(a) arms, armor (compare hoplite) + -ia-ia]
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the equipment of a warrior.
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Noun1.panoply - a complete and impressive array
array - an orderly arrangement; 'an array of troops in battle order'
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Panoply Defined

1.array, range, display, collectionThe film features a vast panoply of special effects.
2.trappings, show, dress, get-up(informal), turnout, attire, garb, insignia, regalia, raiment(archaic or poetic)all the panoply of a royal wedding
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An impressive or ostentatious exhibition:
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[ˈpænəplɪ]N (= armour) → panopliaf (fig) (= arrayPanoply) → desplieguem
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n(= armour)Rüstungf; (= covering)Baldachinm; (fig liter)Dachnt; (= array)Palettef, → Spektrumnt; beneath the oak’s panoply of leavesunter dem Blätterdach der Eiche; the panoply of the sky/of starsdas Himmels-/Sternenzelt(liter)
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[ˈpænəplɪ]nthe whole panoply of

Panoply Definition Oxford

(frm) → l'intera collezione di
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Panoply Definition In Spanish

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