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Mini (AA Battery) Click on an item to see all available options Sort By: USA. Mini Quartz Pendulum Movements. Compare Choose Options. Dual Pendulum Movement. Compare Choose Options. ISI AA High Torque Pendulum Clock Motor. Compare Choose Options. Tech Support Inquiry. Mini Add-A-Battery Kit - 65A 7649. The ADD-A-BATTERY is as simple to operate as an ON-OFF switch, yet effectively manages the switching and charging of two batteries from a single charge source. The Add-A-Battery includes a Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch and an Automatic Charging Relay. These components simplify switching and automate.

What are the SimplyGo Mini specifications?

Nom. Pulse vol. @ 20 BPM
1=11ml, 2=22ml, 3=33ml, 4=44ml, 5=50ml

Sound Level
42 dBA at pulse setting 2

5 pounds

See warranty information

Battery Duration
Up to 4.5 hours (Standard) and up 9 hours (Extended) - see below for details

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What is the Battery Duration per setting?

SimplyGo Mini Battery Durations
SimplyGo Mini w/ Standard Battery SimplyGo Mini with Extended Battery
Setting 1 6 hours 12 hours
Setting 24 1/2 hours 9 hours
Setting 33 hours 6 hours
Setting 42 1/4 hours4 1/2 hours
Setting 5 2 hours 4 hours

What is the lifetime rating of the SimplyGo Mini Batteries?

SimplyGo Mini batteries are rated for 300 charge/discharge cycles before degrading to approximately two-thirds that of the capacity of when they were new. The batteries will still function however the total capacity will decrease as the batteries age due to age, environmental operating conditions and use over time. To maximize battery life, please see the Care for your battery section in your user manual.

How loud is a Philips SimplyGo Mini?

The average volume for the Philips SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator is 42-45 dB at a pulse setting of 2, 20 BPM, the equivalent of a quiet conversation.

Will I be able to use this as a full time machine?

The Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator is for prescription use by patients requiring high concentrations of oxygen on a supplemental basis. It is small, portable, and is capable of continuous use in the home, institutional, and travel /mobile environments. This device is not intended to be life-sustaining or life-supporting. This device is not intended for newborn and infant use.

What comes with the SimplyGo Mini System?

The SimplyGo Mini system includes the SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator, 1 battery, carrying bag with shoulder strap, accessory bag, AC Power Supply, car charger, and user manual.

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Where can I get more information?

To receive a free brochure on the SimplyGo Mini POC, call us toll free today at 1-800-345-6443.

How do I get one?

Please go to our Oxygen Homepage to learn more or to find where you can purchase either locally or online

Will Medicare or other insurance cover this device?

Most insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid may cover a portable oxygen concentrator if used and prescribed by a physician. Please check with your insurance provider to determine if this is covered by insurance for you.

What accessories are available for SimplyGo Mini?

The following accessories are available for SimplyGo Mini

  • Standard Battery
  • Extended Battery
  • External Battery Charger
  • Backpack
  • Carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • Accessory Bag

Can I take SimplyGo Mini on board an airplane?

Yes. With SimplyGo Mini, traveling with your oxygen is easy. SimplyGo Mini is approved by the FAA for use aboard all commercial domestic aircraft. Visit our travel page for more helpful travel related information.

Please contact the airline with which you'll be traveling ahead of time to determine their specific guidelines for transporting and using oxygen on board their aircraft.

In addition, you can transport extra SimplyGo Mini batteries as long as these are packed in your carry-on baggage. (*not suitable for checked baggage)

For more information on the FAA's ruling regarding lithium ion and other types of batteries, you'll find a comprehensive summary at FAA website.

Does SimplyGo Mini have pulse dosing? Does SimplyGo Mini have continuous flow?

The SimplyGo Mini POC has 5 pulse dose settings. It does not have continuous flow settings.

Why doesn't SimplyGo Mini have continuous flow?

To keep it small, SimplyGo Mini does not have continuous flow. Continuous flow requires a larger electronics, compressor and batteries. In order to minimize the size of SimplyGo Mini for portability and ease of use, the product delivers pulse dosing. If you are interested in continuous flow, the SimplyGo is the product to review for your use.

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Where can I use SimplyGo Mini?

SimplyGo Mini is capable of continuous use in the home, institutional, and travel /mobile environments.

How do I maintain SimplyGo Mini oxygen concentrator?

No routine maintenance is necessary. The surface of an oxygen concentrator can be cleaned according to the cleaning instructions in the user's manual.

Can I smoke around my oxygen concentrator?

No. Oxygen supports combustion. Oxygen should not be used while smoking or near another person smoking; nor in the presence of an open flame.

What do I do if I have questions about my SimplyGo Mini POC or accessories?

Contact the provider of your oxygen equipment.

To contact Philips customer service, please call 1-800-345-6443


What is the noise level (db level) of the SimplyGo Mini?

Sound Level

42 dBA typical at setting 2 and 20 BPM
48 dBA typical at setting 5 and 20 BPM
(when measured at 1 m from front of device)

Maximum Sound Power of 63 dBA and Maximum Sound Pressure level of 55 dBA per ISO 80601-2-69

Audio Alarm 45 dBA or greater

What does Pulse Does mean?

SimplyGo Mini is a portable oxygen concentrator intended to deliver oxygen to the patient via on demand pulse flow. SimplyGo Mini has an integrated conserving device which triggers a pulse by sensing pressure at the onset of inspiration.

Can you use humidification with the SimplyGo Mini?

Humidification is not a feature offered with SimplyGo Mini at this time. Because of the intermittent flow of pulse dose oxygen, there is not a concern of nasal dryness; and therefore humidification is not required.

Can you operate and charge the battery for the SimplyGo Mini with DC power in your vehicle?

Yes, SimplyGo Mini can be used and charged using the DC power in your vehicle. Ensure the car is running before you plug in your SimplyGo Mini. DC power provided by the DC Power Supply will also charge the battery when the device is turned off or is running on setting 1, 2, or 3. It may not charge the battery when the device is running on setting 4 or 5. Charging status can be verified with the battery icon on the Home Screen.

What do I do if my SimplyGo Mini needs to be serviced?

Please contact Customer Support.

Can I get a loaner SimplyGo Mini while mine is being repaired?

Please contact Customer Support at 1-800-781-0988

Can I rent a SimplyGo Mini?

Please contact Customer Support at 1-800-781-0988

Can I use the SimplyGo Mini to supply Supplemental oxygen through my PAP device/or home ventilator?

With pulse dosing capability, it is not designed for use in combination with your PAP device or home ventilator. If you do need to use oxygen with CPAP or ventilation, then you may want to consider SimplyGo for this use.

What is the Warranty of the SimplyGo Mini?

See our Warranty Information page for details.

Do you sell refurbished SimplyGo Mini's? If so, are they at a discounted rate?

Please contact Customer Support at 1-800-781-0988

What do all of the symbols mean on the LCD screen on the SimplyGo Mini?

Symbol Description
The tool icon provides access to the Device Tools menu.
The Pulse symbol features dotted animation under the setting value to indicate that the device detected a breath and delivered a pulse of oxygen.
The Warmup symbol indicates to the user that the ᵒ² purity has not yet been sampled because the system needs to stabilize. It's duration is at least 14 minutes.
The Maximum Volume symbol indicates that the device is providing the maximum volume of the oxygen for the current setting.
The battery change level symbols is indicate the amount of charge left on the battery in use. For a complete list of battery charging symbols, see the 'Checking the Battery Status' section later in this manual.
This yellow symbol indicates that the device has detected an active alarm.
This symbol indicates that an active alarm has been silenced but not resolved.
This green symbol indicates that a battery is installed in the device, and AC power is also connected.
This green symbol indicates that AC power is connected but no battery is installed.
This symbol indicates the battery level(about 50% in this example). Refer to the Checking the Battery Status section of this manual for more details.
This yellow symbol indicates that the battery level is low.
This yellow symbol indicates that the battery level is depleted.

My SimplyGo Mini will not turn on, what do I do?

To fully power on the device, press the Power button twice. Ensure that the battery is installed correctly. Ensure that the device has a full charge and that it is turned on.

My SimplyGo Mini will not trigger a pulse of oxygen, what do I do?

Ensure that the device is turned on by pressing the Power button twice. Check the cannula tubing to make sure there are no kinks and that it is plugged into the Oxygen outlet port on the SImplyGo Mini. If those are not the case, contact your provider.

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The Oxygen from my SimplyGo Mini is not a full concentration, what do I do?

The device has a warm up period of 20 minutes to deliver prescribed concentration. If the device isn't delivering the prescribed concentration after 20 minutes, change to another source of oxygen and please contact your provider.

What if my SimplyGo Mini alarms/What do the alarms mean on the SimplyGo Mini?

Please refer to the Technical Alarms Section of the User Guide

Can you run a nebulizer off of the SimplyGo Mini?

Nebulizers require a continuous flow at a specific liter per minute (lpm) to aerosolize medication. SimplyGo Mini does not have the ability to supply Continuous Flow.

What does POC mean?

Portable Oxygen Concentrator.