Mains Operated Alarm Clock

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Newgate Dome Alarm Clock – best traditional alarm clock. This beautifully simple alarm clock from. (N188)Reacher Small LED Digital Alarm Clock(White) 1.Comfort adjustable 0-100 brightness. 2.Adjustable alarm volume from 30-85DB. 3.AC powered, with clear white LED numbers easy to read day or night. The best alarm clocks for 2020. We’ve found the best digital, analogue and smart alarm clocks, tried and tested by our experts. Take a look at our reviews.

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In today’s hectic world most adults would give up food, partying, and many other things just so they could sleep – even a little bit longer. But we cannot sleep as much as we want, and so we depend on alarm clocks to wake us up and start our day. And while we have our smartphones and tablets with built-in alarm clocks and downloadable alarm apps, nothing beats a good old bedside clock with a LED digital display. But with the many LED digital alarm clocks available today, it can be difficult to choose which one to get. Here we round up the some of the best LED digital clocks in today’s market.

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Our selection of the best mains powered LED alarm clock with battery back up available in the UK market in 2019!


1. Reacher Large LED Digital Alarm Clock
2. Jimmkey LED Digital Alarm Clock
3. ZHPUAT Digital Alarm Clock
4. Philips AJ3400 Wake-Up Alarm Clock
5. Acctim 14722 Vian Red LED Alarm Clock
Reacher Large LED Digital Alarm Clock

Simple and compact, this mains-powered digital alarm clock is a must for anyone who needs a good waking up in the morning. Its digital display is large and bright enough to be seen from across the room, but isn’t too bright to disturb a good night’s sleep. It has two USB ports: one for powering the alarm clock, and another for use as a charger for tablets, smartphones, and similar gadgets. This nifty alarm clock also has a snooze function that can be activated by tapping anywhere on the top of the clock. The snooze function repeats every 8 minutes, gently waking you up with an ascending alarm sound for up to ten times – so you’re sure never to miss school, work, or any other important function.

Key Product Features:

  • Clear LED Display
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Ascending Alarm Sound
  • Snooze Active
  • Battery Backup for Saving Time Settings

Mains Operated Alarm Clock Manual

Jimmkey LED Digital Alarm Clock

Looking for an alarm clock that doubles as an iPhone and Android phone charger? Look no further – the Jimmkey LED Digital Alarm Clock is here. This bedside clock is just the perfect alarm clock for the young and old alike, with its large LED display that comes in four colors – white, blue, red or green – to match your preference. You can manually adjust the brightness of the display, or depend on the sensor that automatically adjusts the display brightness according to the available light in the room. This economical clock is powered by a 5V adaptor, with a built-in battery that saves the settings when the external power supply is off.

Key Product Features:

  • Large LED Display
  • Two USB Ports for Phone Charging
  • 12- and 24-Hour Mode
  • Snooze Function
  • Outlet Powered with Built-in Battery

ZHPUAT Digital Alarm Clock

If you are looking for more than a boring bedside alarm clock, then the ZHPUAT Digital Alarm Clock is perfect for you. Aside from displaying the current time, this multipurpose alarm clock also features the alarm time, the date and the temperature. Made of ABS plastic, this mains-powered digital alarm clock can also be powered by three AAA batteries – so you can bring it anywhere with you. Handy, elegant and dependable, this alarm clock comes with customizable backlight brightness and an alarm sound that progressively gets loud enough to wake the heaviest of sleepers, but is not too harsh on the ears.

Key Product Features:

  • Bright LED Display with Customizable Night Light
  • Date and Temperature Display
  • Mains- and Battery- Powered
  • 12- and 24- Hour Mode
  • Adjustable Backlight Brightness
  • 8-minute Snooze Function
Philips AJ3400 Wake-Up Alarm Clock

There are alarm clocks and there are uber alarm clocks, but what do you do if you need more than just a device that will wake you up in the morning? You get yourself a Philips AJ3400 Wake-Up Alarm Clock. Sleek and elegant, this clock radio features a simple yet clear and bright display that shows the current time. Save up to 10 of favorite FM stations with the clock’s memory, and wake up to the clock’s pre-set buzzer alarm tone or your favorite radio tune. Snooze your way to a great morning and play music from this well-designed device as you get ready for the day. And because the AJ3400 allows for dual alarms, you need not bother yourself about setting the next alarm for your partner or roommate.

Key Product Features: Fm 21 vanarama south.

Mains Operated Alarm Clock
  • Big and Bright Display
  • Dual Alarm Setting
  • 10 Preset FM Radio Stations
  • Snooze Function
  • Sleep Timer
Acctim 14722 Vian Red LED Alarm Clock

If you want a simple device that does the job of waking you up in the morning, then the Acctim 14722 Vian is the right LED alarm clock for you. This no-fuss apparatus has a large LED display whose contrast allows you to tell the time even from a good distance from your bed; if you wake up in the middle of the night, you do not have to get up just to check the time. It is quiet as a mouse, so you get to sleep easily without hearing the usual clock ticks from your bedside table. And because it comes with a crescendo alarm feature, you get awakened gently without the shock suddenly loud and jarring alarms bring.

Alarm Clock Online Clock

Key Product Features:

Alarm Online Clock Cars

  • Bright Red LCD 1.2″ display
  • Mains-Powered with Battery Back-Up for Saving Time Settings
  • Snooze Function
  • Alarm Sound that Gradually Grows Louder