Is My Public Ip Static

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IP Address refers to Internet Protocol Address which uniquely points to your system in a network.

But as number of computers in world are more in number here comes the concept of private network, A Private network will have only one PUBLIC IP and What internet service provider will do is that he creates his own PRIVATE IP’s in his network.In General Private IP network ranges are

Address to

If your IP address begins with 192 when on the NMU network then is a probably using a hard coded IP address. However, a hard coded IP is not limited to a 192.x.x.x IP address. If you are faculty or staff and require an unchanging static IP for an application or project, please contact the Computing Helpdesk. To find out if your IP is dynamic or static follow these steps. Close all the windows of your browser (Firefox, IExplorer, etc.) Disconnect your PC from internet (in the case of some connections this is not necessary). Sign in to My Account and select Internet from the Services menu. Please note, only the Primary Manager and Services Manager can view Static IP information. Select View Static IP. Your Static IP Number, CIDR Block Number, Gateway IP Address and Subnet Mask IP Address information will be displayed. Comcast's IP Gateway is all you need to take advantage of a static IP and built-in firewall.


Is My Public Ip Static to

By using this private IP’s more number of computers or devices in the network can connect to the internet from gateway of your network which converts requests from local network to and from the internet which consists of only a single PUBLIC IP.

What Is My Static Public Ip Address

You can find Public IP address of your computer by going to Whats My IP website and if you are in a local private network you can find your IP by typing IPCONFIG in command prompt and you can differentiate whether if you are in private local network or not by comparing these two ip addresses , If they both are the same then you are not in private local network and if they are different then it means that you are in a local private network.

As the name of Static IP itself implies, a stati ip is a constant ip address which will never change , there is an other concept of dynamic IP’s in which service provider will have set of PUBLIC IP’s and will allocate that set of IP addresses to the computers in network dynamically , that means today you may have one public IP address and the other day it may change to some other. But at times you may need one constant IP to access your system from internet so concept of Static IP address came into picture where your IP address will be fixed or static which will not change as dynamic ip’s do and you may ask why static IP is very important because it is very important for those who want to host website on their own and remember allocating static ip address on your computer doesn’t mean that you have got a static ip address , A Public IP address which is static is the one that is needed . To get a Static IP address you have to contact your Internet Service Provider and talk to him regarding static ip address.

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You would have heard that IP addresses help uniquely identify a device in internet - if that is the case how is that a lot of us have, etc as our IP addresses? Won't they conflict with each other?

Let's find that out using some simple activities when you are behind a wifi router.

Activity #1: What's your IP (in terminal)?

Find your system's IP address when you are connected to wifi router. You can do it using ipconfig command in windows or ifconfig command in Linux/Mac.

You can see that the interface name is wlp2s0 which denotes my wifi router and the IP address I got is

Curious Cats

1. If you have one more laptop in your house connected to the same router, can it have the same IP address?

2. If you go to your friend's home and connect to her wifi router, is there a possibility to get the same IP address?

Activity #2: What's your IP (in browser)?

Will the IPs change depending upon where you find it from? Go to google.com and type what's my ip

Google just returned my IP address as

Who is right? Is it my terminal or Google as they seem to return different addresses.

Is My Public Ip Static

Activity #3: What's your mobile's IP (in browser)?

Connect your mobile to your wifi network (not 4G) and then go to google.com and type the same query what's my ipBattery to battery charger 12v.

How To Check If My Public Ip Is Static Or Dynamic

Response from Google will be the same on your mobile browser as well - in my case.

Debrief #1

  • What you get from Google ( is your public IP which is common across any device that is connected to your wifi router. It is allocated by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • What you get from the terminal ( is your private IP which is unique to every single device connected to your wifi router.
Private IPPublic IP
Unique only in your network which includes all devices connected to your routerUnique in the world - otherwise you are going to run into conflicts
Assigned to you by your home wifi router using DHCP protocolAssigned to you by your ISP like BSNL, Airtel, AT&T, T-Mobile
You can change what IP addresses to assign to the
devices by configuring your wifi router.
For example, you can ask your router to assign addresses
starting with 192.168.1.x or 192.168.2.x
or anything else for that matter
You do not have direct control over what IP addresses you are assigned
Cannot be reached from outside worldCan be reached from outside world

Activity #4: Who can talk to your computer?

Though you can access the entire internet from your computer, the reverse is not true. For you to connect to a system in internet, you need its IP address and the IP address should be public. When you are behind a wifi router, you only have a private IP address. This means to the internet, your system doesn't exist :)

Ask your friend to ping from his house. He will not be able to reach your system.

Curious Cats

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Activity #5: Changing public IPs

Shutdown your modem and reboot it after 5 minutes (not your wifi router).

Your modem is the device that is connected to the ISP either through fiber or other means. For some of you, your wifi router and modem may be the same device.

Is My Public Ip Address Static Or Dynamic

Are you getting the same public IP or a different one? There is a chance that you might get a different IP address from your ISP because your public IP is dynamically allocated.

If you are hosting a site at your own, then this may not work as you need a single IP address for everyone in the world to reach you consistently. You don't change your name everyday - do you ;-)?

To overcome this, you can pay extra to your ISP and get a Static public IP address. As the name denotes, it doesn't change across reboots for your connection. In other words, if you type what's my ip in Google every single day, you will get the same response. You can read more about static IPs here - https://whatismyipaddress.com/dynamic-static

Is My Public Ip Static Data

Curious Cats

Get A Static Ip Address

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