How To Know The Ip Address Of My Phone

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An internet protocol, or IP address, is a numerical code used to route data across the internet to cellphones and computers, somewhat similar to how a phone number is used to place a call. IP addresses are generally assigned by internet services providers, whether those are home ISPs a phone might connect to via Wi-Fi or phone carriers. Find IP Address of Other Devices on Your Network. In this article, we would be dealing with ways to find the private IP address of the devices. The public IP address of all the devices within the same network remains the same i.e. The IP address of your router. In case you don’t know, public and private IP address, it’s fairly simple.

The camera like any network device is assigned an IP address when it is connected to your router and powered on. It is important to be able to locate this IP address as it allows you to access the cameras Web Interface.

How To Find Ip Address On Computer

How Do I Find The Ip Address Of My Android Phone

The Web interface is found when you type the cameras IP address into a web browsers address bar. This is where the cameras full settings area is located as well as access to the live feed.

When using the app you can discover the cameras IP address easily following the steps below. Note before proceeding please ensure your phone is connected to the same local WiFi network as the camera, the steps shown are the same for both iOS and Android platforms.

Firstly go to the My Camera page in the app, tap the arrow to the right of the camera and then select the 'Edit camera' symbol.

You will then be taken to the Edit Camera screen, from here tap Advanced Settings, then on the Advanced Settings page tap About device. The cameras IP address will be shown under 'local'.

Enter this address directly into the address bar of your web browser, do not type it into google or another search engine as you will not get the correct result.


The address should be entered as shown in our example below,

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How Can I Know The Ip Address Of My Phone

From here you can login to the camera,

Click 'Enter' to go directly to the cameras live feed,

Click 'setting' to access the cameras settings area.