How To Get My Ip Address On Mac

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  1. How To Get My Ip Address On Macbook Pro
  2. How To Get My Ip Address On Mac

How to find internal and external IP addresses on Mac OS X and macOS?

How To Get My Ip Address On Mac

To find the IP address of the current network interface, run: ifconfig -l xargs -n1 ipconfig getifaddr This is basically equivalent to ipconfig getifaddr en0, but more reliable! En0 is not always the correct interface! Thank you to @epylinkn in the comments of another answer for this hint. To find the IP address of the current network interface, run: ifconfig -l xargs -n1 ipconfig getifaddr This is basically equivalent to ipconfig getifaddr en0, but more reliable! En0 is not always the correct interface! Thank you to @epylinkn in the comments of another answer for this hint. Ping youripaddress hit Ctrl-C on the keyboard to stop pinging then do a: arp -a a list should appear, look for the ip you just pinged and next to it is the MAC address of the device.

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is assigned whenever your device connects to the Internet or a local network. The most frequent form of an IP address is four sets of digits with three digits per set. If your computer is connected to both a local network and the Internet, it will have an internal IP address signed by a local network and external IP address, which is the address of your Internet connection.

If you are setting up a network or sharing files, the IP address is required. In this article, we show a number of ways to find a Mac IP address. This guide applies to any version of Mac OS.

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How To Get My Ip Address On Macbook Pro

Find your internal IP Address through System Preferences

The first method, which will work on any operating system version, is to visit Network configuration in System Preferences. Open the Mac system preferences and locate Network, click on the network you are connected to, and below the Status line you will see your IP address.

For detailed information click Advanced and select TCP/IP tab where you will find more information about your network.

Find out your internal IP address by using Terminal

This method is easier and faster for Mac users who are familiar with a command line program called Terminal. Even if you have not used Terminal before, just follow the instructions and you will find the internal IP address. First, use spotlight by pressing Command and Spacebar and type Terminal. Then, press Return. Alternatively, you can find Terminal under the Utilities folder. Open finder, choose Applications, select Utilities, and then launch Terminal.

When Terminal has launched, type the following command: ipconfig getifaddr en0 (to find your IP address if you are connected to a wireless network) or ipconfig getifaddr en1 (if you are connected to an Ethernet). If you are using Mac OS X, the command ipconfig grep inet displays detailed information about your computer signification in the network. The IP address is usually displayed beside last inet, however, this command does not work on macOS High Sierra.

Find your external IP address

To find your external IP address, there are two easy methods that work on all versions of the Mac operating system. First, open Google and Type IP in search. This will display your external address.

If you can browse the Internet, use the Mac command line. Launch Terminal, which is under the Utilities folder, and type: curl ifconfig.me or curl ipecho.net/plain ; echo. These commands will display your IP address in Terminal.

Video Showing how to find out your IP address on Mac:

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This document explains where to find instructions on how to find your device's MAC/WiFi Address.

Windows Computers

How to find the IP number and MAC address of a network card

  1. Press the Windows Start key to open the Start screen.

  2. Type cmd and press Enter to launch the command prompt.

    • Note: You do not need to click on anything on the Start screen - typing will automatically initiate a program search.

  3. Type ipconfig /all at the command prompt to check the network card settings.

  4. The MAC address and IP address are listed under the appropriate adapter as Physical Address and IPv4 Address.
  5. You can copy the Physical Address and IPv4 Address from the command prompt by right clicking in the command prompt and clicking Mark.
  6. Select the text you want to copy with the mouse and hit the Enter key to copy it. You should now be able to paste the text elsewhere using the standard clipboard 'paste' function.

Mac Computers

  1. Open the Apple Menu in the top left. Select System Preferences.

  2. Select Network.

  3. Select Advanced, and you will be able to your view your MAC Address for your Wi-Fi connection at the bottom. Your IP address will be in TCP/IP.

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  1. At the bottom right, select the time.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network.
  3. At the top of the box, select Information.
  4. You'll see your Chromebook's IP address and IPv6 address. The MAC address is labeled Wi-Fi.

iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad)

Mac Address

  1. Locate and open the Settings app.

  2. Tap General.

  3. Tap About.

  4. Note the current WiFi MAC address is listed by WiFi Address

IP Address

  1. Locate and open the Settings app.

  2. Tap Wifi.

  3. Tap the info icon. It is the i inside the circle.

  4. Note the current IP address is listed by IP Address.

How To Get My Ip Address On Mac

Android Phones/Tablets

Note: Due to the large variety of Android devices available and variance between software versions and interfaces, there may be slight differences between the instructions below and the procedure for your device. If these instructions do not work, consult the manufacturer documentation.

  1. Locate and tap the Settings app.

  2. Scroll to find, then tap About Device (on some phones it will say About Phone).

  3. Tap Status.
  4. The MAC address is listed under WiFi Address


Gaming Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.)

Xbox One:

  1. If you are signed into a profile, go to My Games & Apps and Settings. If you are not signed into a profile, just go to Settings.
  2. Select Network then Advanced Settings.
  3. Scroll down and select Network Settings. Then choose either Wired (Ethernet) or Wireless, depending on how you want to connect.

Xbox 360:

  1. Go the Xbox 360 Dashboard and navigate all the way to the right most tab labeled My Xbox and select the System Settings option.
  2. Select Network Settings then Configure Network
  3. Go to the Additional Settings Tab and select the Advanced Settings. In the next window you should see the MAC Address listed.

PlayStation 4:

  1. Go to Settings in the main menu (looks like a toolbox).
  2. Scroll down and select System. Then select System Information.
  3. Here you will see the MAC addresses for LAN (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi.

PlayStation 3:

  1. Go to Settings in the main menu (looks like a toolbox).
  2. In settings, go to System, then scroll down to System Information. Your MAC Address will be listed here.

PlayStation Vita:

  1. On the Home Screen, go to Settings.
  2. In settings, go to System, then select System Information. Your MAC address will be listed here.

Nintendo Switch:

  1. On the Home Menu, go to System Settings.
  2. In the menu on the left side, select Internet. The MAC Address will be under System MAC Address.

Wii U:

Note: This will also be the wireless MAC address.

  1. On the Wii U menu screen, select to the System Settings Icon
  2. Go to the Internet menu and select it. Then select the View MAC Address icon. The MAC address will be listed here



Note: This mac address will be for the Wireless internet, so if you are connecting using an Ethernet to USB adaptor, you will have to use the MAC address of that adaptor.

  1. From the Wii Channel Menu, select the Wii Settings button the in the bottom left hand corner
  2. Navigate the settings menu to Internet, and the Console Settings. The MAC Address will be listed there.

Nintendo 3DS:

  1. On the 3DS Home Screen, select System Settings. Then select Internet Settings.
  2. In the Internet Settings, select Other Information and then Confirm MAC Address. The MAC Address will be listed here.

Apple Watch

How To Get My Ip Address On Mac

Note: Only select Apple Watch products have WiFi available. These instructions will only work for Apple Watch/WatchOS devices with WiFi built in.

  1. Locate and tap the Watch app.

  2. Tap General.

  3. Tap About.

  4. The WiFi/MAC address is listed by the Wi-Fi Address section.

If you are looking to register the Apple Watch on UWNet, follow the instructions for registering a device without a browser once you have located the MAC address: UWNet - Register a Device Without a Browser or Pre-registering a Device Before Arriving to Campus


This KB article from Indiana University has instructions on how to find the MAC address for various E-Readers:


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