Dual Analog And Digital Wall Clock

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Another resources that can be hard to come by are analog clocks. With our interactive clock, kids can move either of the hands to simulate time. If children keep both hands unlocked, they can also observe how the hands of an analog clock move in realation to each other. The dual event digital timer and clock times two events at once. Each timer has a distinctive ring. The digital timer also features an easy to read LCD readout and includes a clock and date mode for added convenience as well as a clip, magnet and stand. Jumbo 12 Inch Analog Wall Clock With Auto-Night Light. LED Display Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charging Station. $49.97 USD $80.00 USD. Atomic Desk Clock With Backlight, Heat & Comfort Index. Mini Non-Ticking Analog Alarm Clock with Auto Back Light and Snooze Function. Digital Wall Clock. In this fun lesson, we will learn how to tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks. For more fun ways to learn math visit w. Types View All Super Sale Today Alarm Analog Calendar Desk Clocks Digital Illuminated Projection Radio Snooze Thermometer Wall Clocks Holiday. WTD1040 Dual Dock Triple Alarm Clock Radio. $193.14 $365.47 (47% off. 11.5in Atomic Digital Lightup Desk or Wall Clock Temperature & Moon Phase & Calendar - UCN5674.

A clock happens to be one of the oldest inventions around and hence has evolved over the years. There are many types of clocks available in the markets. However, the question is whether to go for analog or digital. Besides the obvious differentiation between analog & digital the wall clocks, there are also clocks available in different shapes. Thus, when searching for wall clocks online in Australia, it is important to note that it has become a work of art.

Factors to Look Out for When Selecting a Wall Clock

There are many types of clocks and not every clock fits every room. For example, a nice designer skeleton wall clock will not fit in a traditional living room. Some may prefer to search for an antique or contemporary wall clock in Australia. Let us understand the difference between Analog and Digital Walls and know about the factors that you should look into while selecting a Wall Clock.


Digital or Analog

This is one of the first decisions to make. Some prefer to see the time in digits while others prefer the traditional clock face with the minute and the hour hands. Besides personal preference, there are many pro and cons of using both. A digital watch has the ability to set itself automatically, either via the Internet or using the atomic time; this is not so for an analog clock.

Dual Analog And Digital Wall Clock Radio


A digital clock usually works on the mains power and will turn off if there is a power outage. Such clocks will usually maintain the time but will not display it in this case. The advantage of an analog clock is that a power outage will not affect it. An analog clock tends to be noisier as well since most of them will have a ticking sound. The ticking in an analog clock is a constant sound at a regular frequency. It may be possible to find a non-ticking analog clock however; a majority of them will have a sound.


A clock is of value only if it keeps time. An atomic clock frequently synchronizes the time and hence is likely to be accurate at all times. An analog clock may not necessarily keep time especially if it is a mechanical one.

Thus for those who use the word ‘sharp’ when they refer to the time, it is a good idea to select a digital clock with atomic time synchronization. The analog clock tends to be battery operated and hence require you to reset the time once the battery drains out. These also clock also tend to lose accuracy over a period of time.

Placement of the clock

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Online Clock Digital And Analog

Besides displaying the time, a clock is also a decorative element. A special decorative clock or designer clock is likely to have a theme or a design that goes well only with a special location or room design.

Digital Clock And Analog Clock

The size of the clock also depends on where you intend to place it. Some of us may have a requirement to be able to view the time at night or view the time in a 24-hour format. In this case, a digital clock is ideally the better option since it is visible in the dark. Some of the analog ones do have similar features (glow in dark) but they are usually not that effective or would be few to come by.

Dual Analog And Digital Wall Clock For Sale

The wall clocks online in Australia are in many shapes and sizes and have many different features. The digital ones usually have more features like temperature, calendar, humidity meters, etc. while the analog gives a classic feeling.