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Pioneer DJ just announced that its two-channel DDJ-400 controller is now compatible with djay Pro for Mac / PC, which expands the controller’s software compatibility from Rekordbox DJ, Virtual DJ and djay for iOS, and that also means you can now spin using Spotify streaming if you’ve got a Spotify Premium account. The company has also released the unit in silver to give users a second choice of colour.

The DDJ-400 is an excellent entry level controller for those wanting to get into digital DJing but want a layout and controls that are similar to a CDJ/DJM set-up. Granted, it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as its bigger siblings (DDJ-1000, DDJ-800) but you do get a full set of performance pads, touch-capacitive jogs and even Beat FX controls that mimic some of the workflow needed to operate a DJM mixer.


Djay Pro Spotify Still Working

Dec 18, 2014 Algoriddim said djay Pro is the first DJ software on the desktop with Spotify integration. You can seamlessly combine Spotify tracks, songs from the cloud, and your local iTunes jams into a single.

  • 1 Select Spotify as source service. 2 Select playlists you want to transfer. 3 Select djay Pro as destination service. 4 Enjoy a cup of tea while MusConv works for you 😉. Once finished, your playlists and songs will be available on djay Pro. Move From Spotify to djay Pro – Video Tutorial. Alternative method to transfer.
  • Mar 19, 2020 Algoriddim today announced that Spotify will no longer feature inside its djay apps. However, it leaves users of djay – one of two DJ apps that currently features Spotify, and by far the biggest – with an imminent problem (assuming they currently use the Spotify option, of course).

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How To Use Djay Pro

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• The Pioneer DJ DDJ-400-S is available now. Check the Pioneer DJ site for more details.

Djay For Windows Free Download

What are your thoughts on this new compatibility with djay for iOS and djay Pro? Think that new silver finish is slick? Let us know below.

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Algoriddim has spent the last decade making award-winning, best-selling DJ apps for iOS and Mac. This year, that tradition continues with the launch of Djay Pro for iPhone ($4.99 for a limited time on iTunes).

Dj software with spotify integration

Like Djay 2 for iPhone, Djay Pro features a two-deck turntable interface, Spotify integration, and native support for external MIDI controllers. Djay Pro also relies on the iPhone 7’s haptic feedback for a more realistic sensation when scratching and scrubbing the waveforms, and 3D Touch is also employed so that DJs can set a cue point in the song without taking their finger off the waveform.

Haptic feedback is also used for accessibility. In addition to showing beat markers and bars visually in the waveform, this information has been encoded with haptic feedback so that visually-impaired DJs have a better sense of when these markers come up. Djay Pro has also enabled VoiceOver so that DJs can hear a description of the different actions and controls.

Furthermore, the new Djay Pro also has a companion watchOS app, so you can DJ remotely. This Apple Watch intergration was designed to be a remote control for performing DJs. The new app makes the most out of improvements in watchOS 3 so that DJs can cue songs from their library, add audio effects, and run Automix mode (which automatically stitches a playlist together), all with low latency so you don’t miss the beat.

Djay Pro is on sale now for a special launch price of $5. The app will cost $10 after the introductory sale. You can also purchase additional sound effects packs for $4. And in order to access Spotify’s massive catalog and playlists, you will need a premium Spotify account, which costs $10 a month. You can also access your music purchased via iTunes, but Apple Music subscribers won’t be able to DJ using that catalog as it remains DRM-protected.

Djay Pro And Spotify Premium

Djay Pro for iPhone joins Algoriddim’s DJ software ecosystem that includes Djay Pro for Mac and iPad, Djay 2 for iOS and Android, and Vjay for iOS. If you’ve purchased Djay Pro for Mac or iPad in the past, you will need to purchase the iPhone app separately because Algoriddim built the new app from scratch. What is my current public ip address. However, if you’ve previously purchased sound packs from Algoriddim software on your Mac or iOS device, you can access them on the new Djay Pro thanks to iCloud sync.