Command Pattern Sequence Diagram

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Figure 4: Sequence Diagram for initLongTask in. Mediator The logic for when the Command gets called is as follows: every time LongTask wants to communicate progress it calls the execute method of the Command object returned from calling its parent method getProgressCommand. Is r. Successful command requests only have bit zero set. Host reads the required bytes for each command. Host issues a STOP condition to terminate the command read access. Example Read Transaction Sequence An example of a host reading DLPC350's register 4h whose contents are 00h, shown in Figure 1-1, would follow this sequence: S 34 04 P. Class name helps determine which handler to run. Property accessors store relevant data needed to execute the command: FindLiquorStoreHandler: Handler that examines the data within the command and does whatever needs to be done with it. Also creates a result object and returns it.

Command Pattern Sequence Diagram Generator

Design patterns are usually described using class diagrams. Since class diagrams show only static structure, this is not enough to show how the patterns should execute. Therefore I am creating a repository of sequence diagrams that describe the functionality of these design patterns. Your comments are welcome.

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Creational Patterns

  • Abstract Factory (coming soon)
  • Builder (coming soon)
  • Lazy Initialization (coming soon)
  • Multiton (coming soon)
  • Prototype (coming soon)

Structural Patterns

  • Bridge (coming soon)
  • Composite (coming soon)
  • Decorator (coming soon)
  • Facade (coming soon)
  • Flyweight (coming soon)
  • Front Controller (coming soon)
  • Module (coming soon)
  • Proxy (coming soon)

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Command Pattern Sequence Diagram


Behavioral Patterns

Command pattern sequence diagram template

I am working on more patterns as I get time. Do you have a pattern to model? leave me a comment.