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Avidemux mplayer de logo filter

Avidemux Mplayer De Logo Filter

30th August 2005, 17:35

Removing Logos using DeLogo vdub filter Who doesn't hate those annoying logos that networks love to place over TV shows? If it's a white semi transparent logo, it can be removed from an AVI file. DeLogo doesn't work with MPG, so don't waste your time. This video show you how to remove logo or watermarks from any video using virtualdub and how to make virtualdub supports all types of videos.

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Hi all:
From what I've seen in the documentation, it looks like this can't be done, but since it isn't stated explicitely, here it goes:
I'm using DeLogo to remove a square logo from a captured video. The result is okay.. except that the borders of the 'de-logoed' area look too sharp, i.e.: there's the normal image, and then a blurry square patch where the logo used to be, and the limit between these two areas is too sharp (see the attached file). I'd like for that separation to be smoother, more blurry.
I thought that, since the mask used to tell DeLogo where the logo is must be 100% red (255, 0, 0), perhaps one could mark the surrounding area with a less intense red, pretty much like the way masks work in Photoshop, but according to the docs, only (255, 0, 0) is accepted. Does anyone know some other way to achieve this effect?