Airtable For Beginners

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Our goal is to provide a place for experts and beginners alike to talk openly, ask questions, and share their best Airtable tips. Building common connections, getting insider secrets, and having fun are key priorities of the BuiltOnAir Slack community. Airtable is a data management tool that allows you to create custom data-driven apps. You can use it to better visualize the data collected on your website using WordPress forms. For instance, you can use your WordPress contact form data in Airtable as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. The goal of the code is to input a name and a day, i.e. “Bob”, “Wednesday”, and have it return Bob’s schedule on Wednesday. Let’s assume that the code is written to also sort the lectures so they’re in. Formula writing tips for beginners. Power user's guide. The Airtable power user's guide. Getting more information into Airtable, quickly. Use case: planning product launches in Airtable. Use case: managing your PR outreach in Airtable. Reporting in Airtable. How to copy a table from one base to another. How to create a form in Airtable.

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Using Airtable for content management can turn a complicated task into one that’s at least easy to understand and follow. Learn some simple ways to make Airtable work for you.

Airtable is an online platform that allows you to create and share relational databases.

With a simple and colorful interface, it's the perfect tool to store, organize, and collaborate on information, making it easy to organize employee directories, product inventories, and so much more.

Air Table For Beginners Instructions

Today, we're going to share with you some useful resources to get you started with Airtable.

If you’d like to learn more about Airtable, check out our app tour below!


Chris Dancy isn’t an Airtable expert by trade, he speaks about being the most connected human on the planet, but by action, his Airtable is the most advanced we’ve ever seen!

In this video:

  • Chris shares his personal Airtable set-up

  • He combines his use with a tool called Biscuit for bringing together tools

  • Airtable helps to manage all his data and life


2. Gareth Provonost (LINK)


Gareth is an Airtable Consultant who has worked with over 150 clients to help them gain a deeper understanding of their business data. He also runs a successful YouTube channel with lots of free Airtable tutorials and you can book a call with him on his website.

Check out his resources to:

  • learn how to organize databases to make your work easier

  • understand how to automate repetitive administrative tasks

  • get ongoing training and support through workshops and Q&A


Yvonne is a Business Coach helping professionals to streamline their business, build residual income and find the passive income strategy that fits their needs.

On her YouTube channel you'll learn:

  • how to use Airtable for blogging and social media management

  • to handle social media content creation in Airtable

  • how to use the app to be more efficient in your business

4. The Essential Guide to Airtable (LINK)

This 2-hour Udemy course is perfect to learn how to quickly set up and run your Airtable account, going through the fundamentals of the app with the help of various examples.

The course is suitable both for entrepreneurs, trying to minimize the number of software used to run your business, and teams trying to manage their editorial calendar.

Air Table For Beginners Outdoor

  • The course starts with a simple table.

  • You'll learn how to turn it into a calendar and add upcoming deadlines, with the help of a Kanban board.

  • Finally, we'll learn how to manage data in multiple tables exploring how to take data from one table to another.

5. Zapier (LINK)

Airtable For Beginners

This detailed article on the Zapier blog will give you a full guide on how to get started using Airtable.

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Air Table For Beginners Reviews

  • Getting Started: Finding Your Way Around Airtable

    • Basic Components of Airtable

  • Take Your Airtable Bases to the Next Level with Zapier Automation

    • Using Airtable with Zapier

  • Use Airtable and Zapier to:

    • Communicate with Customers

    • Share Collections, Ideas, and Content Lg chem battery specs.

    • Simplify Business Operations